Ashley Gabriel image for c+bA place that holds information worth sharing, to whet your mental appetite and send you on your way, hopefully with a smile or a inquisitive look on your face. A place that I hope brings positive energy, health, happiness and meaning to your life.

How did To Covet & Bestow come to exist?

In 2013, I made a major career change. Along with writing a memoir, I’m focusing on a lifestyle that feels good for the soul. In March, I was in Palm Springs for a girls’ weekend. It was four days of Vitamin D, magazines, and creative ideas – all things that make my soul swell. Over morning tea by a fire pit, my girlfriend Natalie was asking me for new knowledge on anything from natural remedies to beauty tips. I shared, laughed and called it my random and somewhat useless knowledge. However, Natalie and her mom, Linda were intrigued and thought it would be great to share what I gather with my loved ones and beyond.

When I really thought about it, I realized that I really enjoy coveting information. I love learning from books, magazines, blogs, trivia, dinner conversations, new hobbies, etc. I also love learning passed down tricks from family and friends on everything from how to keep fresh flowers alive longer to keeping baked goods super soft. As much I adore collecting all of this from my own use, I like sharing it even more. It makes me really happy to someone’s smile when they feel like they’ve been let in a “secret”.

What is To Covet + Bestow?

A blog of tricks, secrets and tidbits called “Social Heirlooms” to covet (collect) and bestow (share) on beauty, health, home, lifestyle plus amazing inspiration that is happening around us.

What is a Social Heirloom?

A valuable piece of acquired knowledge that can be used in everyday life and passed on to family and friends. Social Heirlooms come from my own “vault” of gathered tricks, secrets, tidbits as well as shared by family, friends and followers.

How does To Covet + Bestow work?

A Social Heirloom is shared once a day via email called “C+B Weekly Social” that will be linked the To Covet + Bestow blog. The blog will house all of the Social Heirlooms. The thought behind one Social Heirloom shared a day is that people are busy and reading a loaded daily email feels like another job. I want to help make your day easier, not more complicated.

What makes To Covet + Bestow a community?

One of the best uses of knowledge is to share it. My fraction of knowledge is a small piece in the puzzle that makes up my amazing network of friends and family that are over-pouring with genius pieces of information. I would love to share your Social Heirlooms, anything that had made you feel more beautiful, your mind more at ease, your home cozier, your organization better, any small trick that has made your life better. Social Heirlooms can be emailed directly to

How does the To Covet + Bestow community get credited?

The Social Heirloom will always be sourced from whomever and wherever it came from. Credit will be always paid to the person who provided a genius tidbit to make our lives better. If the Social Heirloom is from a publication, a website, the media, a website, it will be sourced because there’s always more good knowledge that came from! As To Covet + Bestow is newly born, if there is someone that you think would enjoy becoming a part of the community, please have them email me directly at and I will happily add them. Thank you in advance, I’m always on the hunt for a new source of knowledge!

Thank you for your time and support. My heart and soul are happier now that To Covet & Bestow exists, if I could do the same for yours, that’s the silver lining.

With love,


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