Beauty From Within: Staying Happy In The Winter

03 Dec 2014 0

There is some serious truth to that no makeup can out do truly happy skin, otherwise known as beauty from within. However, sometimes its hard to keep up the mood and the Vitamin D as we head in the deep of Winter.

According from a Vogue magazine article: “January and February [are] the worst time for the skin,” says New York City dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D., who points to dry indoor heat and blustering outdoor winds as common culprits. Skin feels stretched tight like cling wrap—and (to add insult to injury) the sudden lack of moisture can actually cause redness and breakouts. “When it’s parched and dehydrated in the winter, you may see bumps on the face because of inflammation,” she explains.

The solution? “Skin is happiest when it’s surrounded by humidity,” says Marmur, who points to masks as a quick way to “replenish the normal lipids and oils that are there to protect you.”

Beyond the hydrating masks (my favorite are GlamGlow’s THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment and Fresh’s Rose Petal Mask) and a great humidifer, it also helps to keep the mood light and far away from seasonal depression, here are few other great ways to keep that smile bright and your skin glowing until the sun warms us up again:

1. Take up a hobby

Get off the phone, the TV, the computer and stimulate your brain. I took up knitting and it really is a great distraction, I almost go into meditation mode when I’m working on my scarf. I work through thoughts and decisions as I knit, it takes the stress off my mind and acne spots off my skin.

2. Laugh!

Make the effort to get out there and laugh with friends. Yes, it is cold and yes, its so much easier to stay in a cozy spot but think about the memories you’re missing out on making with your best friends (a la the above picture with my two best friends from a great party last December). Laughter is so good for the soul AND the skin..

3. Be Grateful

I love that the world is hopping on the bandwagon of gratefulness and positivity because it really is the secret to continued and even heightened happiness. Every night before bed, I journal and include 3 things I was grateful for that day. I have a lot to be thankful for and by jotting them down, its a nice reflection before I fall asleep feeling a lot lighter.

4. Keep Your Bedroom Organized

There is so much to tackle everyday but as silly as it sounds, if I make my bed and my bedroom is (semi) organized at the start of the day, I feel like I have my life together. For me, disorder equals mental chaos. When I’m organized, I accomplish more and therefore have more time for my favorite things, like a relaxing mani/pedi.

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What are your secrets to bring out the beauty from within? Please let us know in the comments below!

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