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22 Oct 2014 0

Whenever reading celebrity beauty articles, I always love to see what the celebrities feel is their one or two makeup products that is a must before they walk out the door even if they choose to wear nothing else on their face. For me, its a eye brown pencil and a eye lash curler. Oh and I never-ever-ever not leave without spraying on my Rosewater spray. However, I try to stay as bare faced as much as possible to help keep my pores clear. Its not a secret that I’m obsessed with achieving naturally good and clear skin. With thanks to discovering really great products through my own findings, friends’ cult favs and family social heirlooms, I have never gone as bare faced as I have in this past year. Here are products that I’m loving at the moment.

1. Nature Made (Burp-Less) Fish Oil Vitamins 1200 MG: These little gems are known to help improve the look of hair, nails and skin. I’ve taken them on and off for a few years and lately, these are the best ones yet without making my skin oily. Also, Charlize Theron swears by Fish Oil Omega 3 vitamins for her naturally beautifully skin, I’m sold too.

Available at Target

2. Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Salt: I’ve been warned now to over- exfoliate with a good scrub. I use this one once a week because its all natural. Plus, it kills two birds with one stone since I can use it for body as well. I love the smell of ocean sea salt so I always get a feel of summer when I open the little tub. Oh by the way, its vodka fused, happy hour in the shower!

Available at Lush stores

3.  Heritage Stone Rosewater & Glycerin Spray: I will be buried with this spray. The little angel gives the perfect mix of hydration and dewyness, I spray this on my face several times a day and also before and after I apply makeup.  Do yourself a favor and buy this from Amazon, it will change your life.

Available on Amazon

4. Hada Labo Tokyo Replenishing Hydrator: I gave up creams years ago because I have naturally dry skin and creams just do not pentretate and absorb for me. So I’ve got through a lot of expensive serums and have this little gem cheaply at Ultra. The Japanese swear by Hada Labo and have you seen their skin? A trick my best friend taught me is to pat serums on your face instead of rubbing them in to avoid creating redness.

Available at Ulta stores

5. Boscia Cool Blue Hydration Essence: The other half is my serum love affair. If you haven’t noticed a pattern by now, I’m a sucker for all natural product and Boscia is not different. I pat this gel-serum on after Hada Labo. Its not too thick but the gelness of the serum helped lock in the moisture.

Available at Sephora

6. Vaseline: The “oldest” of my cult products and my first love. My face literally tightens up around my eyes, noise and mouth if I don’t apply this baby. I never leave for a weekend away or even a night away without it. Thanks mom!

Available at any grocery store, CVS or Rite Aid



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