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04 Feb 2015 0

I have two very talented friends in the beauty department but it still helps to check out tutorial videos when I’m left to do my own hair & makeup. Thankfully, a few of my favorite celebrity makeup artists & hairstylists created sites that are amazing and they post regularly (thankfully) on how to do everything from a fishtail braid to making your foundation last like you went to a professional. What did we do before Youtube and how-to sites? I don’t really care to know, I rather just be grateful that these exist..

Right now, I’m trying to learn how to do flat iron waves, check out my favorite tutorial here.

Check out
1. Mane Addicts- Created by Jen Atkin, celebrity hair stylist to the Kardashians, Diane Kruger and Chrissy Teigen amongst others, this site is filled with tones of hair muses, inspiration and videos on how to copy it all.
C+B Beauty Hair How To Mane Addicts 2.4.15

2. Beauty Coach – The boss babes of celebrity-fav 901 salon in LA started this site to cover all things beauty, it just launched and its already stocked with tons of helpful tips and tricks.
C+B Beauty Hair How To Beauty Coach 2.4.15

3. The Beauty Department- Lauren Conrad’s favorite hairstylist Kristen Ess (who has a total hair-envy mane) co-founded the site with Conrad after fans were asking to re-create her looks for years.
C+B Beauty Hair How To Beauty Dept 2.4.15

Photosource: pinterest and C+B

Do you have a favorite “how to” site? Please let us know in the comments below.

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