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12 Apr 2015 0

I’m going to marry the lifestyle and beauty categories because it involves skincare and shopping (aka my first pastime). If you’re like me, you run out the door when you read about the newest/strongest/best/how did you ever live without it product that is going to make you look like a 18 year old who was out until 6am in the best part of summer and still full of energy. Glory days, right?

Sorry back to the present, so when buying these expensive purchases that promise it all, you don’t want to be anybody’s fool. Fear not, I read three tricks in Glamour recently that will seriously up your expertise.

1. Read the fine print: Look at the back label, if the biggest marketing ingredient is almost at the end of the list, its concentration is going to be seriously low. Unfortunately, companies can play up the ingredient even if its quantity takes a microscope to see. Shame on them.

2. Don’t fall for specifics (except eye!): Beauty companies get ridiculous when they have a separate product for every limp/part/hair on your body. Get smart and invest in a product that has one or few great active ingredients.

3. Avoid the fluff: Stem cells in a vegan cream? Sorry, this type of jargon is used all the time and stem cells are only allowed for medical use. Stick to proven ingredients in products like retinols for collagen boosters.

Super helpful, right? I feel smarter already…

Featured: Glamour March 2015

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