C+B Beauty Closet: The #1 Acne Spot Treatment

15 Oct 2014 0

Kate Sommerville’s “EradiKate Acne Treatment” has been named the #1 product to quickly eliminate a troublesome zit by at Rank & Style, a site that uses customer reviews, editors’ picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products are going to work the hardest for you without killing your bank account.

I’ve had EradiKate in my beauty closet for a few years now and I swear by it as a cult product.It has helped do the pre-work to get ride of a pesky spot and even minimize it plus get rid of the redness after its come to the surface.

Check out Rank & Style at http://www.rankandstyle.com
You can buy Kate Sommerville’s “EradiKate Acne Treatment” here!

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