C+B Health: The Fast Track to Dreaming

12 Apr 2015 0

So you had the longest day ever (again) and you’re so exhausted that you’re falling asleep during the show you wait all week to watch. Then you crawl in bed, ready for a solid night sleep and as you lay in the dark, its like party in your head has kicked off. This happens to me all – the – time. I came across a breathing trick that I’ve been using that is supposed to help you fall asleep in minutes and it has worked!

How it works: 

-Deep breath in through the nose for 8 seconds

-Keep the breath in for 7 seconds

-Breathe out through the nose for 4 seconds

The purpose behind this breathing method is that it slows down your heart rate and gets your body into a sleep-like state.

I hope you have¬†sweet dreams and am rested up for that breakfast in bed (I’m manifesting for ya.)

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