THE Brunch Drink – Bloody Mary’s

10 Sep 2014 0

I wasn’t always into theĀ drink of brunchers, the Bloody Mary. To be honest, for a long time, the thought of drinking Bloody Mary mix or a tomato juice turned my stomach. I tried Tomato Juice or V8 as I knew it then when I was younger and I was turned off for years. That was until Greece two years ago for my girlfriend’s wedding. Our mutual best friend Ashley had gotten into bloody marys and brunch as a serious sport, we even call her the Brunch Monster. Anyway, I was nursing a major hangover on a gorgeous day by the pool so I bit the bullet and ordered a Bloody Mary. Over the course of one glass, I was beating my hangover and getting full?! Sold!

Since then, Bloody Marys, brunch and Sundays just seem to go hand in hand. There are a few tricks of the trade for a truly spectacular Bloody Mary to work its magic. Try these out!

C+B Health Bloody Mary 9.10.14

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