Adios to Your Local Dry Cleaners

20 Aug 2014 0

Imagine you’re in your pajamas and all you have to do is go a few steps to the basement, garage or a spare room to dry clean your clothes. You never have to build a pile of your favorite pieces, take the time to drop them off, pick up them and pay the expensive bill. Too easy right? Not anymore.

What is this alternative option?
Like a lot of other contraptions that are aiming to make every busy day easier, The Swash is a slim machine that you simply hang your clothes in to de-wrinkle, eliminate odors and get the threads back to their original shape.

How does it work?
You hang the garment and insert a single use detergent-filled pod into the pocket atop the frame. Then slide the door closed and press start. In 10 minutes (!), your garment has been sprayed, steamed and dried.

Why it is more cost effective?
If you were to take 10 or more items a month to the cleaners, you’re likely to spend about $600 or more a year. The Swash costs less than 60 cents per use.

The Swash is $499 at Bloomingdales and pods are sold separately for $7/12. Um, Baby or Wedding registry anyone?



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