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03 Dec 2014 0

A Christmas tree made of books? This has C+B written all over it! Tis’ the season and some people┬áprefer real, some prefer fake, some prefer unique. If you want to go the unique route and think outside of the box for your Christmas tree, here are a few beautifully crafted ideas that deliver:

1. The Driftwood Tree – Simple and beautiful. This earthy decoration is also great to put in a garden after the holidays are over!

C+B Home Xtree tree 3 12.3.14

2. Spray Painted Tree on a Shipping Pallet Crate – I have seen the shipping pallet crates used for everything from bed frames to shelving and this idea for a tree placement does not disappoint. Great for a small space and so cute!

C+B Home Xtree Tree 2 12.3.14

3. Got a ladder sitting in the garage? Open that handy tool up, string some lights, hang ornaments and you’ve got a “tree”! Great idea for a guy’s apartment.
C+B Home Xmas tree 5 12.3.14

4. The Wall Tree: This is another great space space while still having earthly elements in the home. Time to get your creative juices flowing!

C+B Home Xmas Tree 4 12.3.14

Photosources: Pinterest

Do you get unique with your Christmas tree? Please let us know in the comments below!

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