C+B Wish List: A Celestial Blanket

21 Jan 2015 0

New year, new things to try, right? I come across so many beautifully made products in magazines, in social media or in my travels that I figured I would create a fun little series. So here is the first and (pretty great) item on the C+B Wist List.

I saw this gem in February’s InStyle magazine and it has two elements I love: constellations and being cozy. It reminded me of being in Panama on the way up to the Baru Volcano and getting out of the car at 4:30am to see a blanket of the stars – so incredible.

The quilt is by Emily Fischer, founder of Brooklyn design workshop Haptic Lab. It was actually inspired by the turquoise celestial-themed ceiling at Grand Central Terminal. The intricate and beautiful gold threaded pattern takes a team of artists 60 hours to stitch by hand. Each blanket comes with a letterpresses chart to asset in indentifying the array of constellations.

Cotton Constellations quilt, Haptic Lab $279

Photosource: HapticLab.com

Are you adding the constellations quilt to your “Wish List”? Please let us know in the comments below.

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