C+B Wish List: The Crane Humidifier

26 Feb 2015 0

My birthday was last week and I am officially in the last year of my twenties. The object of being another year older used to bother me but after many lessons this past year and a ton of soul searching, I am embracing 29. Anyway, isn’t it the sweetest gift to be able to see another day, year, birthday? So with that being said, I went crazy with my birthday gift this year (kidding) and bought a humidifier! While I’m happy to 29, its not a secret on C+B that I am obsessed with good skin and the future of it so this is a product I’ve been coveting with a while. I was speficially looking for a humidifier that was cool mist and could use essential oils. So the Crane Humidifer met all my requests. Plus, its a visually appealing piece which I am all about. Bring on easy breathing and dewy morning skin…

You can purchase the Crane Humidifer at Amazon, Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond (use your 20% coupon!). Cheers to your newest bedroom accent.

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