Deck..The Thanksgiving Table

19 Nov 2014 0

A beautifully decorated table is the final touch is setting the vibe for any intimate dinner or large feast. Never to disappoint, Pinterest has some great decor ideas for seating arrangements, conversation starters and perfect touches. Below are a few of my favorite ones.

C+B Home Thanksgiving Table Decor Leaf 11.17.14

1. With so many leaves on the ground, grab a few big ones and color them gold with a metallic marker and inscribed the guest’s name for a quick DIY place setting.

C+B Home Thanksgiving Decor Placemat 11.18.14

2.What is everyone thankful for? Have all the guest fill these lines in, its a great way to get the conversation going at the table!

C+B Home Thanksgiving Decor Vases 11.18.14

3. Clear vases are like a clean canvas, you can do so much with them. Fill with flowers, pumpkins, candles, light strung branches, the list goes on and on. They are cheap, chic and can be decorated for all over the house including the centerpieces.

photosource: Pinterest

How do you deck the table for Thanskgiving? Please let us know in the comments below!

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