Waste Not in 2015: Better Ways to Conserve Food

14 Jan 2015 0

I’ve decided that this is my year to purge and spend my money more wisely. I think that it can also apply to what I eat. We waste so much food everyday and it might as well be dollars in the trash. Food shopping is a necessity so here are great ways to be a genius when it comes to food shopping and conserving.

Planning + Listing:
I love a good to-do list and its no different when it comes to grocery shopping. Going to the store with a list and a plan helps you keep your cost lower, figure out your meals and keeps unnecessary buys out of your cart.

Check your pantry:
There have been so many times I didn’t bother to look before I shopped and then I had double of what I needed – not smart. Get to know your kitchen so you can buy wisely. If that happens, put the older products to the front so you use them up before opening up the fresher product.

Buy only what you need:
As a country, we tend to favor having more and then we waste. Buy only what you need, try bulk bins so you can bag what you need rather than triple the amount in a package just because its a good deal.

Cook + conserve properly:
A lot of people I know cook for an army (must be an Italian thing) but its so much wiser to really cook for the amount of people eating. Then, when finished, section the food for single use for the next day, meal, etc. This is especially important when freezing food, freeze meals for single consumption so you’re not wasting thawed out food that you can’t freeze again.

Have a mish-mashed dinner:
Plan a casual dinner on a friday or the weekend when you have all the leftovers. Its fun to have a little taste of everything and finish up the leftovers.

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What are your tips to be a food shopping pro? Please let us know in the comments below!

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