C+B Inspiration: Crafting + Meditation

14 Jan 2015 0

I’ve talked about knitting as one of my ways to meditating, I also love crafting as a way of meditating. Within crafting, painting is the calmest form for myself to check out mentally for a bit.

Over the holidays, my best friends and I had our annual get together and everyone had to bring a DIY product, I made the above ring dish to put your jewelry on when washing dishes, washing your face, etc.

It was completely relaxing to roll out the air dry clay, form it and paint it when dry. I know crafting isn’t for everyone, but I do think that anyone can pick up a paint brush and use a clean canvas to de-stress and really relax whether its in a class with girlfriends and a bottle of wine or in the privacy of your own place. Even if the finished product never sees the light of day, that’s not the point ┬áso try it out!

photosource: C+B

Do you have a hobby that also doubles as meditation? Please let us know in the comments below!

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