C+B Inspiration: My Desk + Learn about WeWork

04 Feb 2015 0

Its a very exciting time in history. There are more and more people going after their dreams than ever before, myself included as noted in today’s C+B Quick Note post. From kickstarting new start-ups to making films (i.e. my friend Erin who is now in editing mode for her documentary Dream, Girl), the creative is full business mode which is so exciting.

Right now, for the time being, I feel lucky and grateful to have my desk and all of its momentos that help me to write and create for C+B. From candles that I burn for positive energy, to my DIY dishes, to my daily calendar that everyday gives new places to add to my (very long) travel list to my desktop calendar, it all provides true inspiration and planning. 2015 is going to be a big year and I thankfully have a space that keeps me productive and moving forward.

However, there isn’t always a physical space for these newly minted CEOs and their small but mighty staff. WeWork has the answer for that. I came across this amazing powerhouse that provides creative spaces of all sizes from $45 a month so anyone with a dream and plan can have a space to brainstorm and collaborate. Genius!

Check out WeWork coworking spaces

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Where do you find inspiration to work and be creative? Please let us know in the comments below.

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