Instagram Inspiration: BabyBoyBakery

17 Dec 2014 0

A while back, through following another Instagram account, I came across “BabyBoyBakery”, a baking blogger named Jacqui Saldana who had recently lost her 3 year old son, Ryan, playing outside a cousin’s house when he was hit by a truck. Through the power of social media and emojis (literally), she has started instagramming her journey since almost everyday with the little red ballon emoji to symbolize the little red-headed’s love for the simple pleasure.
Since losing Ryan, her inspiring posts are real, honest, sad, happy, honest, amazing and always put my own bad days into perspective.

Her account and blog are worth taking the time to check out, beyond her journey, they are filled with her favorite delicious recipes (hence BabyBoyBakery). I wanted to write about her this week as she is going to be on the Ellen at 4pm today! I am so excited and intrigued to see her speak about her journey and strength on the show. I absolutely love that Ellen brings on inspiring individuals and I’m sure today will be a favorite of mine.

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