Lavender = Acquiring People’s Trust?

21 Jan 2015 0

I grew up around lavender scents and now love it for my own scents. Whether its the Haven Air & Linen Spray I just bought or in an essential oil, the scent is known for being super soothing and relaxing. However, it may have just added a new one to its list of benefits…..building trust.

The below article from details a recent study where the scent of lavender had an impact on trust between strangers. Time to stock up.

In the newly published study in Frontiers in Psychology, a group of researchers from the Netherlands, led by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato, investigated whether or not interpersonal trust can be affected by environmental factors—in this case, smell. Participants in the study played the Trust Game, where one person (the trustor) gets money and has the option of keeping it, or giving any set amount to the other person (the trustee). If they choose to do so, their profits are tripled—but the trustee gets the final say on whether or not to share it with the original trustor. Talk about a mind game.

Without telling the participants, the researchers diffused lavender and peppermint essential oils into two of the rooms (one for each room), and left one room free of scent. The result? Participants in the lavender-scented room gave significantly more money to the trustee than those in the peppermint and non-scented rooms. Whoa. Thus, the researchers concluded that scent can definitely have an impact on trust, and lavender especially (which is known to be soothing and relaxing) induces a more trusting “inclusive cognitive-control” state.

Does this mean you should douse yourself in lavender before your job interview or before your big pitch? Probably not—but a light spritz won’t do any harm.

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What do you think about lavender being able to gain people’s trust? Please let us know in the comments below.

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