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13 Aug 2014 0

A few years back, a very good friend of mine, Noel Fiorentinos made a life-long passion into a career by opening up a chic fitness studio. Now, four years later and two gyms, I always admire her talent to make new ideas come to life, spotting trends early on and running a company that she loves.

Fitness has been in your life from a very early age, what has it done and continue to do for your life?

For me “fitness” is much more than a workout or a diet. Fitness is a state of mind, a consciousness. It has brought a certain discipline to my lifestyle that get’s carried over in to other areas of my life. Health & fitness keeps my life in BALANCE.

Do you have any motivational tricks or methods to get in the work out mood?

Absolutely! Just start getting dressed! Even if you are not in the mood, throw on your lulu’s and some music and by the time your finish getting dressed – I guarantee you’ll be in the mood to work-out. It’s all about taking the very small first steps.

What are your favorite styles of work out?

My favorite type of work-outs are classes. Any class that combines high intensity cardio with some type of toning element. We offer a class at Work it Out called Next Stop Skinny which is pretty awesome. The style of the class is circuit based and is so efficient that you leave the class feeling like you used every single muscle in your body – that’s my kinda sweat session!

As the founder of WiO and a female CEO, what are some of your tips and tricks for running a successful business?

Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you. Don’t let others talk you down – it’s not only bad for your self-esteem but their negative opinions do not matter. Understand the difference between useful feedback and unwarranted judgement.

Do you have any favorite apps, tech products, etc. that help make your busy day easier?

I manage all of our social media so Afterlight & Studio are really helpful when posting IG photos. I also manage all of our daily marketing to-do’s on Basecamp which helps keep me and my team organized.

As WiO’s Creative Director and Buyer, where do you get your creativity and ideas? What lifestyle brands are you loving right now for work out clothes?

My creativity comes from being open minded, aware and curious of new trends. I love Instagram and Tumblr for inspiration hunting. There are so many creative people out there doing some really inspiring things whether they are artists, designers, or photographers.

What lifestyle brands are you loving right now for work out clothes?

My favorite activewear company right now is a combination of Live The Process & Alala. There is a huge shift in activewear at the moment. People want to dress for their every-day lifestyle without having to change multiple times. You will start to see (if you haven’t already) a big fusion of fashion and fitness which is why I love these emerging brands.

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