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03 Dec 2014 0

Happy December!

I got tagged in a Instagram quote last week that I loved, “You only have one month to finish the book of 2014. Make the last chapter a perfect one.” I have a feeling this last month is going to be a really good one. I will end it in Panama with my best friends but first its a very, very busy few weeks and one of my favorite reasons is the annual get togethers with the ones I love the most. With crazy schedules all year round, the holidays are a great time to carve out special time to celebrate relationships, whether they be friendships, family or┬áromantic. With all that being said, I wanted to share my annual December get togethers to inspire ways to spend more time with the ones you love most.

1. The Annual Bad Pajama Christmas Party
This year is our 6th Annual Bad Pajama Christmas Party with my best friends and I’m very proud to say we are still going strong and take this party very seriously with the ugliest pajamas, a themed menu (this year is Mexican) and a new location every year (a rented cabin or a new apartment for example). Its a great time to unwind over a feast, wine and most importantly laughing over old stories and new ones. We include a fun activity (one year, we had a pi├▒ata) to make memories from the night. We leave the dinner parties at restaurants for other occasions and just focus on whats the most important, being with each other.

2. Mother/Daughter Get Together
Another annual soiree I love is our Mother/Daughter get together. The first year was a fun brunch in the city and this year, like last we will be at one of the mom’s beautiful townhouse. Its really nice to connect the two generations as well as female family members out of our immediate group. There are plenty of drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a small grab bag game (serious competitive sides are due to come out!).

3. The Must-Have Cookie Party
What’s the holiday without delicious sweets? My girlfriend throws this party at her apartment and everyone is instructed to bring a batch of cookies so everyone can swap and go home with a full plate of assorted treats. We combined sweets, wine and lots of singing the last time. Cheers!

4. Santa in the City
This year, I am godmother and am very excited to start a new tradition, going to see Santa in the city with baby Cesca and my girlfriend’s family. Every year is a opportunity to start new traditions and this is a special one. Plus, what’s a in the city without brunch?! My kind of day.

Thanksgiving may be over but I am still very thankful to have these events in my life. I love the festive feel of the Holidays but would much rather it be about these re-connecting events than gift giving.

Photosource: Brittany Santuccio

How do you celebrate the Holidays? Please let us know in the comments below!

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