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06 Aug 2014 0

I’ve been reading “Eat Pretty” and its full of living a better lifestyle with fresh foods, herbs, spices and especially vitamins. Inside, it has a great breakdown of vitamins and supplements, their purpose and the foods you can eat to consume the same benefits. This week, I’m featuring a few of the major vitamins and their benefits. I will be featuring “Eat Pretty” #SocialHeirlooms as a series, next time I will feature the foods you can consume to double the beauty benefits with taking vitamins. Keep an eye out because this book is full of insightful tips and tricks to inner and outer beauty!

C+B Lifestyle Vitamins Part 1 8.6.14

C+B Lifestyle Vitamins Part 2 8.6.14

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Are there vitamins that you’re loving? Please share in the comments below!

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