How to be a Friend to Debbie Downer

10 Dec 2014 0

There’s always one, the one who provides input seeped with negativity, the one who makes me think of the SNL skit “Debbie Downer”. However, we are all guilty of looking at the glass half-empty, it happens! Hopefully though, most of us smack ourselves back to positivity and keeping moving forward. But we do love our Debbie Downers and sharing is caring so here are some ways to help lift their spirits and being them over to the “light” side:

1. Shine a mirror on their comments: If someone is having a bad day or experience, listen to them and them vent without talking about yourself or your crappy day. They just want to be heard. After they are finished, let them know that you’re there for them and offer positive advice or insight. Some people can’t step away from their own dark cloud alone so being a friend and help them find the way can make all the difference.

2. Things could be worse: People tend to not be able to see beyond their own issues and think that they have it the worst but there are plenty, a lot, millions of others who are very much worse off then them. Whenever I say to someone, “I know, I understand but I have to say, it could be worse”, it works pretty well as a wake up call. Perspective is key and the sight to keep in that mind can sometimes get blurry. My Nanny used to say “If everyone put all their problems in a pot, you would always take back your own.” So true! They will get through it and in part, help to you!

3. Lead by example: Its nice to have someone who is struggling to have someone to observe and follow in their way of living, thinking and acting. Sometimes, just being you and going on with your own life, the positive connection become the path for someone else to become a better version of themselves.

3. PS – Protect your energy: You may not be able to change the person 100% of the time so its important to protect your happiness. Everyone is responsible for their lives and you are responsible for yourself so be careful to cleanse yourself with sage, manifest positive thoughts and not let the negativity stay with you.

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