New Year, New Ways to Keep Your Resolutions

17 Dec 2014 0

Agreed! I think everyday is a new chance to make goals and follow dreams but a new year seems to be the ever popular timing so there are a couple ways that I saw and loved to follow set goals as we grow a year wiser (wishful thinking). Whether your resolutions be big or small, easy or damn near impossible (I did say near, anything is possible), they are no one’s to judge but yourself and worth trying to keep. All of the below are great DIY projects to do solo or with friends!

1. Resolution Bracelet Minder – This delicate piece jewelry is small but constant way to remind yourself.
C+B Lifestyle NY Resolutions Bracelet 12.17.14

2. Frame your resolutions – Its great to wake up with intention and have reflection when going to bed. Creating a framed image of your resolutions keep them top of mind everyday. Also, a little journaling about your daily progress towards the resolutions is super healing and motivating!

C+B Lifestyle Resolutions Frame 12.17.14

3. Inspiration board – This is a great visual way to manifest your goals for the next 12 months. The images get imprinted in your mind, your thoughts go out to the universe to become real occurrences. I’m a true believer in manifesting and I’ve had this work first-hand.

C+B Inspiration NY Resolutions Inspiration Board 12.17.14

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