Out with the Old..In The With the Positive

15 Oct 2014 2

As you can see, the purpose of C+B is to live a positive, meaningful lifestyle (in a healthy and chic manner whenever possible). Since leaving corporate life almost a year ago, its really been a journey of spirituality, self-love, manifestation and growth. My biggest gift that I learned and gave to myself was the power of manifesting. My mom’s best friend has credited me with teaching her how to manifest and with it, she found the love of her life. To see someone I helped living life in a place of love is one of the biggest compliment I’ve ever received.

I feel that I’m in the last transitional phase and have coveted some really great ways to live authentically. I know that the below is not for everyone and that’s okay, that’s not for me to judge or push upon you. I just want you to always live your days postiviely in ways feels true to your soul.
C+B Lifestyle Positivity 10.15.14

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  • Joanne Aguilera
    October 15, 2014

    Ashley I love these blogs – hoenstly they are so uplifting. Thanks for taking the time to inspire us. I plan to go to these mindful sessions that they have in Jersey City on Sunday mornings. They will help me to learn how to meditate and get into my spiritual self. And this is something I long for so thanks again and keep up the good work – I love reading your ideas and I put a lot of them into my everyday life. I think we can all live better by being more spiritual.


    • C+B
      October 16, 2014

      Thank you so much!

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