The Cutest Thing in The World? Baby Halloween Costumes

08 Oct 2014 0

Reese Witherspoon recently became the latest celebrity to answer Vogue’s 74 questions. If you could pry your eyes away from staring at her beautiful home, you’ll hear her funny, quick witted responses at lightening speed. Her answer for the cutest thing in the world? Babies in Halloween costumes. I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to Pinterest, halloween baby costumes pop up in my feed all the time and I pulled my absolute favorites.


1. These parents made an ice cream truck for their son in a wheelchair. I would be his #1 customer.

C+B Lifestyle Halloween Babies 10.8.14

2. A little cute elephant for good luck…

C+B Lifestyle Halloween Babies Elephant 10.8.14

3. My love for Paris and Madeline is complete with these two.
C+B Lifestyle Halloween babies madelines 10.8.14
4. Isn’t he delicious?
C+B Lifestyle Halloween Babies Meatballs 10.8.14
5. He’s ready to find treasure under the sea..
C+B Lifestyle Halloween Babies Scuba Diver 10.8.14

photosource: pinterest

Do you know or have a super cute baby costume idea? Please share in the comments below!

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