The Little Tile That Could…Find Your Keys

21 Jan 2015 0

Remember when you were 10 minutes late for something super important and couldn’t find your keys because they were obviously in the dryer? I know the feeling so I have good news.

I read about two friends named Nick Evans and Mike Farley who also felt our pain so they created Tile – a lost-item finder and mobile app. Here is how it works:

The small square plastic Tile (about 1.5 inches) attaches to an item (keys, wallet, etc) by hook, ring or adhesive and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to record the last place it was left. The system then alerts the user visually on their phone (amazing) or if you would like, by a melody from the Tile if you’re within 100 feet of the item.  The app supports up to 8 Tiles at once, lasting about a year.

Bonus : The company will recycle your dead Tiles.

Nifty, right?

Check out Tile in your App store (Available only for iOS):
Individual Tile – $25
4 Pack – $70
8 Pack – $130
12 Pack – $180

Photosource: pinterest

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